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If we look at this couple, you can tell that they love and support each other, that [Quinn] feels so protected by [Rachel], right? They’re just so happy and in love, and love is the most important thing. I just don’t understand how people can hate this kind of love and try to stop it for no reason other than that they just don’t like the idea of two men or two women being together.

My Grandma (who has never seen an episode of Glee), after accidentally seeing this gif on my screen:


(via emilyfreakingstark)

lost girl meme: [5/6] friendships » Bo and Kenzi
- She’s Kenzi. She’s smart, and honest, and kind. And she makes me feel normal. And special. All at the same time. She is my heart, Tamsin.
- Dyson, she loves you, yes, she loves Lauren. But you know that it’s me. I am her heart, you know that. […] I will wait for Bo in Valhalla. You know that she’ll never stop looking for me, she will never stop fighting to bring me home.

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